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Alternate Universe: Blue Fire

ISBN-13: 978-0578-74334-9

Published August 20, 2020

     Blue Fire is set in modern-day where gateways to another world called Arda have been discovered. Ardans under the Supernatural Law Act gain citizenship in the United States of America. The struggle to co-exist quickly causes unrest and violence across the nation.
     Misplaced Stream, California becomes the focus of progress as an Ardan is acquitted for the first time by a jury. Tatiana Smith, the defense attorney, is the first licensed preternatural lawyer in the region. While under scrutiny for her inexperience and loyalties to the human race, she continues to win.​
     Shortly, she meets Harvey Dellawood, a vampire, who wishes to expose The Underground, the illegal activity of supernatural-kind, and destroy the vampire hierarchy with the purpose to reform his specie. While Tatiana agrees to help him, Harvey is unable to commit to the legal battle ahead.
     His master is quickly informed of their meeting. Feeling betrayed, she orders the deaths of both Harvey and Tatiana. Allies manage to warn Harvey. While he finds safe passage for himself and his wife, Harvey realizes that Tatiana is in danger too. They hire a Shade, a highly trained elf, to rescue the lawyer. While he manages to save her, her fiancé is killed.
     With The Underground’s deadliest operatives after them, the Dellawoods decide Tatiana must go with the Shade for her protection. However, the vampires are not the only ones after the preternatural lawyer.

The Gang Part 1, Ether 

ISBN-13: 979-8-9867536-1-4

Published November 8, 2022

     On Planet Madrins, the Android War is far over, but the remnants of prejudice and hate remain.


     After Mary, an android, kills an intruder - a humanoid - she must cover it up or face persecution, for herself and her kind.   She enlists the help of the local gang, ZM, though her feelings are unclear for its leader, Zeb.


     Unknownst to her, a rival gang has taken the northern port.  Zeb must stretch his resources thin to cover both the impending turf war and protecting Mary.  Will it be enough?


Short Stories

To Muse and Dream Heavenly

(A Short Story)

Published March 13, 2022

Once again it is Spring Forward and once again Night Hall's visionary, Dream, has forgotten about this annual schedule change.  While they hurry to bring visions to mortals awaiting rest, they are joined by a familiar face - someone who questions Dream's legitimacy and awakens a great evil lingering in the depths below.

Winter and the Dry Season

(A Short Story)

Published December 21, 2022

Winter Solstice is here and Winter is unenthused about their Season; however, as ice and snow storms are cast into Weather Maker to disperse, an error catches Winter's eye. They investigate to find that the error is much worse than they can ever fear. Someone - another Season - is interfering and creating a Dry Season. With the help of a cheerful weather worker, Winter must find a solution to this problem or it could have devastating effects on the Mortal Realm.

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