Here are the books available for purchase by Melissa Plunkett.

Alternate Universe: Blue Fire

ISBN-13: 978-0578-74334-9

     Blue Fire is set in modern day where gateways to another world called Arda have been discovered. Ardans under the Supernatural Law Act gain citizenship in the United States of America. The struggle to co-exist quickly causes unrest and violence across the nation.

     Misplaced Stream, California becomes the focus of progress as an Ardan is acquitted for the first time by a jury. Tatiana Smith, the defense attorney, is the first licensed preternatural lawyer in the region. While under scrutiny for her inexperience and loyalties to the human race, she continues to win.​

     Shortly, she meets Harvey Dellawood, a vampire, who wishes to expose The Underground, the illegal activity of supernatural-kind, and destroy the vampire hierarchy in purpose to reform his specie. While Tatiana agrees to help him, Harvey is unable to commit to the legal battle ahead.

     His master is quickly informed of their meeting. Feeling betrayed, she orders the deaths of both Harvey and Tatiana. Allies manage to warn Harvey. While he finds safe passage for him and his wife, Harvey realizes that Tatiana is in danger too. They hire a Shade, a highly trained elf, to rescue the lawyer. While he manages to save her, her fiancé is killed.

     With The Underground’s deadliest operatives after them, the Dellawoods decide Tatiana must go with the Shade for her protection. However, the vampires are not the only ones after the preternatural lawyer.